464 Frontenac

464 Frontenac St


This beautiful Queen's student housing complex is located just 10 minutes to Queen's University at the south corner of Frontenac and Princess St.  The new complex was completed at the end of August 2014, and all buildings were completely re-done to provide premium student housing solutions for students.


2 Bedroom Tour

Suites Starting at $1,780.00 [$890.00/bed]

4 Bedroom Tour

Suites Starting at $3295.00 [823.75/bed]


This townhouse structure features both 4 bedroom suites, and 2 bedroom suites. The property is well lit in the evening, located right on the express bus line and is a few blocks from downtown restaurants and a grocery store. It really is the ideal location for students who want to be close to campus and the downtown and live in some of the most beautiful suites in the city.