Queen’s U Hangover Hacks

So, you had one too many drop shots at Stages last night and the hangover is hitting you like a freight train.  You’ve officially hit your darkest hour and the thought of walking into public right now makes you want to cry. Well say Aidios to those dark days because we’re here to help you tackle your Sunday like an absolute champion!!!


Through much trial and error, our team has put together our most personally successful hangover hacks to help you wake up that next morning and kick your hangover’s butt. Although some are less conventional, all we have to say is don’t knock em’ til you try em’.

Team Varsity Hangover Hacks

Clancy: “Crack an egg into a glass of chocolate milk. Froth it up. You have magic.”

Trisha: “Start your day with a spicy morning Caesar, is there any other cure?.”


Connor: “Half a banana, 2 litres of water, and an ongoing marathon of friends.”


Madelaine: “Grab some beef jerky and coconut water and you have perfect harmony.”


Tina: “All you can eat sushi, because not all hero’s wear capes.”


Laura: “Diet Pepsi and pickles, boom, you’re welcome.”

Dejhana: “A nice relaxing morning stroll to your nearest McDonalds.”


If you don’t believe us here are the top 5 hangover cures according to the world wide web. 

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate water is your FRIEND

  2. Get a caffeine kick into ya!

  3. Carb loading is totally allowed. Rice, toast, pasta - all are welcome.

  4. Vitamins and amino acids. Fun fact - Amino acids are a building block of protein, and get depleted when you drink a lot of alcohol. 2nd Fun Fact - vitamin B helps shorten your hangover.

  5. Netflix and sleep, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

Although we always want to encourage drinking responsibly, we do understand from time to time that one extra shot that you thought was a good idea, won’t necessarily be the case in the morning. We hope these tips will help you and your next ‘no light at the end of the tunnel’ hangover!