The Beauty of a Diverse Campus Experience

For many, the years between a young teen, and a young adult tend to be the most memorable and defining moments of a person’s life. The small gap between adolescence and adulthood is often remembered as a highly stressful, yet ultimately enjoyable time. Many at this point of their life choose to attend post-secondary education programs and schools to prepare them for a career of their choosing. With certain schools offering different programs and courses, locations, costs, etc, the young student often has many things to think about when choosing the school, they would like to go to.

 Many do not think of the culture clash they will encounter when entering a campus. With Canada’s cultural identity being an open, accepting cultural mosaic, and being a beacon of opportunity to people of all races, religions, and creeds worldwide, it isn’t uncommon for a campus to be the introduction of major diversity and unification for young people. With cultural clubs, student unions, and societies, even someone who isn’t directly involved in the groups is more than likely going to interact or observe diverse centres of community, tribalism, and unity. 

It isn’t all just racial and cultural diversity either, there is social norms that may be uncommon elsewhere, different crowds, styles, and group-think mentalities that offer diversified opinions, thoughts, and values. Whether it is political or social values, gender or identities, and even pop culture and technological events, campuses offer an experience for young people that seldom few get to experience outside of these education hubs.

This goes to show that schools and institutes have a lot more to offer to students than just diversity of education. It allows a student from Indonesia to become friends with a student from Sudbury, a mechanical engineer to learn about libertarianism from a political science major, etc. This, and many other occurrences are what shows the diversity in Canada, not to divide us or balkanize us, but to allow for us to learn, progress, and respect the things that all make us who we are, the things that make us humans, the things that make us…Canadian.