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1.     Please make sure to fully shutdown and restart all your computing devices and repeat this once every week or when your device is not working properly, while inside your suite to ensure better connectivity and use. Turning your Wi-Fi off and on, restart of the device and TCP/IP Renewing DHCP lease, etc., will likely resolve most issues.


2.     Speed Limits – Each Resident has a limit of Download speed of 60Mbps and Upload of 20Mbps. This is sum total limit of all concurrent devices at a time. The Daily Quota is 50GB. If this is exceeded—a user will be blocked automatically by the system. (only 1% of users ever reach this limit). They will have to use the Guest network until midnight the same day at which time it will automatically be reset.


3.     Device Limits - Please Note each user may only enroll 10 Devices on the system. Only 5 Devices can be connected to the uStudios or uStudiosFast Network at once. (The 6th Device will not be connected). If you reach the device limit—in order to connect a new device-  type in in the web browser of the device that you would like to logoff of the network. This will cause that device to logout—and bring you to the Login Splash Page--then go to the New device you want to connect to the Network—and login on that device. 


4.     Battery Weak or Disconnecting Wireless – Ensure your Phone or Laptop battery is plugged in when your battery is below 30% to ensure the wireless Signal is strong enough to reach the Studio Wireless Access Points. (Below 10% battery and your device could shut its own wireless signal down to save the battery)


5.     Gaming Consoles/Special Devices (i.e. Chromecast, Xbox, SmartTV, etc.) – If you would like to register a game console or any such device that cannot use a browser to login, to the Internet through the uStudios network, please obtain the Special Device Form from the Office.  This form once completed (including MAC Address) must be emailed to Your device will then be authorized within 24-48hrs hours (Next business day if on weekends or public holiday).


6.     Passwords – uStudios or ustudiosFast Internet Passwords and Personal Username & Passwords are not to be shared with other residents or non-residents. Non-residents/Guests are to use the Guest Network only and be given the Password for the Guest network only.


7.     Laptops are best suited to use uStudiosFast network, unless your laptop does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi or if you find that your device has trouble using the 5GHz based uStudiosFast network. Many phones will work fine with uStudiosFast, though some iPhones like to use 2.4GHz based uStudios network better. Please test from within your suite as to what works best for your devices over a period of two days and then lock the device to use that network (by forgetting other network or disabling auto join / auto connect on the other networks).


8.     Many gaming consoles even supporting 5GHz may not work reliably at 5GHz. Depending upon the make / model and age of the box, you may need to try both uStudios and uStudiosFast to see what works best for your device.


9.     Printers, Smart Watches, Smart Weighing Scales, Roomba Vacuums, Home WiFi Routers, Google Home, Alexa and Media Players are not allowed in the shared community network as these can be misused by others on the same public network, risking your privacy and security.


10.  Any device, like gaming console, that does not allow browser-based login authentication, needs to be authorized for automatic connection by submitting a Special Device Registration form to the front desk. The form need to include 12 digit-alpha numeric, wired and wireless MAC Address of such device, in all upper cases, make / model of the device, along with other information on the form.


11.  Make sure to have your personal firewalls turned on, on the laptops all the time. For windows, simply type firewall under search box to get to one click settings and under Mac OSX, this is under System Preferences / Security / Firewall tab.


12.  Some situations may require you to forget the Wi-Fi networks and then restart device, or even to have to reset the network settings. Under MAC OSX, Apple icon, System Preferences /Network/WiFi/use minus sign to delete networks. Under windows, click on the Wi-Fi icon in task bar, and then right click under uStudios and uStudiosFast networks to forget these. Then type repair network under search bar and run identify and repair option. Restart laptop and then reconnect again.